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We realize that this trip could be a financial burden for some. On behalf of the Audrey Merkin Scholarship Fund, our committee fundraises throughout the year from individuals and families who share our passion. Together, we strive to help eliminate some of the barriers to students’ ability to take this life changing journey.


Once you’ve made the decision to go and submitted your application to Marcia Wollner, Director, Western Region March of the Living, please indicate to her if you wish to be contacted by a member of our committee to discuss further.

For all inquires, please contact:

Marcia Tatz Wollner, MA, MSW

Director, Western Region March of the Living



Below, please find the link for funding from our community partner, Jewish Nevada.

Jewish Nevada offers partial scholarship towards helping families fund their child's trip on The March of the Living.  January of each year, they review these requests. for that years’ trip.

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